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Your premier solar energy service provider in Kannur. At SunCo Solar, we are dedicated to bringing the power of the sun to your doorstep, offering a comprehensive range of solar solutions to meet your energy needs. Whether you’re looking for a solar panel in Kannur or a solar battery in Kannur, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

As a leading solar panel distributor in Kannur, we provide high-quality solar panels and offer top-notch solar panel installation in Kannur. Our experienced team of technicians ensures that your solar system is expertly installed for optimal performance.

Looking to enhance your energy storage capacity? SunCo Solar specializes in solar battery installation in Kannur and is a trusted solar battery distribution in Kannur. Our solar battery dealers in Kannur can guide you in choosing the right battery solution for your energy needs.

Our Story

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy and safety solutions in North Kerala. We design, build and commission of TATA power Solar, Luminous off-grid and Grid-tied solar energy plants suited for a customers ranging from commercial to residential. We are also providing the best quality stainless stell Solar water Heater from Hykon India. Our service offerings are complemented by our experience in the market.

Working of a solar plant for home

A solar system has a careful arrangement of many solar panels connected in series. As soon as the sunlight finds the PV cells in the solar module (rooftop panel), it gets converted into DC power. 

A solar inverter  is then used to change over the DC power into substituting flow (AC) to supply power to run home machines and meet other energy necessities.

The solar-supplied electricity is taken care of into a bidirectional meter on the grounds that:

  • The solar panel based charger for home on your housetop could be producing more power than you’re consuming.
  • The bidirectional meter will supply extreme capacity to the DISCOM.
  •  The net metering framework will track the power that was provided to the DISCOM.

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