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Solar dealers in Kannur | Kerala | 2023 – Generate clean energy with Solar Panels using natural daylight and store it for future use with battery storage.


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Solar dealers in Kannur

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We are one of the fastest growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy and safety solutions in North Kerala. We design, build and commission of TATA power Solar, Luminous off-grid and Grid-tied solar energy plants suited for a customers ranging from commercial to residential. We are also providing the best quality stainless stell Solar water Heater from Hykon India. Our service offerings are complemented by our experience in the market.

Solar dealers in Kerala | Kannur | 2023

Sunco Power Solution is the Best  Solar dealers in Kannur | 2023. We do solar panel distribution in Kannur .An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company-SunCo Power Solutions are one of the leading solar energy service provider based on North Kerala. We provides Solar On grid powerplant solutions from India’s top brands VGUARD, TATA Power solar, Luminous Solar, Livguard Solar, Waaree Solar etc. Off grid Solar Solutions from Luminous, Livguard, Panasonic etc. Also offering Service of Inverter battery power backup solutions from Brands Lagnuvo, Exide, Ashapower,etc. Sunco is a Leading commercial/Home Solar dealers. We do complete solar solutions. We are the Best  Solar dealers in Kannur.

Our brands

Solar dealers in Kerala | 2023
best solar water heater in Kannur | Kerala 2023

V Guard Solar

V-Guard’s solar panels are designed to deliver a very high efficiency of conversion of sunlight into electricity. Furthermore, they are waterproof and consumption safe which are fundamental highlights for outside sunlight based chargers . We are  the best in providing V-GUARD solar products. Sunco solar  is the best solar dealers in Kannur | Kerala 2023.

TATA Power Solar

TATA Power Solar is the largest Solar (Renewable) Energy Producer in India. TATA Power Solar is the No.1 Company in the Rooftop Solar Solutions.

TATA Power Solar is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000:2004 Certified Company.

TATA Power Solar Production units can Process both MONO and Multi Crystalline cells. TATA Power Solar Modules are used in some of the biggest utility Scale Projects in North America. Sunco solar is the best in providing TATA POWER SOLAR Products. Sunco  solar is the best Solar dealers in Kerala | Kannur.

 Complete Range of Solar system, That is exactly TATA Power solar offers.The best way to maximise savings from solar systems is the battery less ongrid solutions. 

Solar dealers in Kerala | 2023


Luminous Solar on-grid system is most trusted brands in India and offer good technical support to the customers 24/7.Quality installations assured for Luminous and TATA on-grid solutions. Using branded ACDB,DCDB, Cables and connectors and assuring the perfect quality and energy generation. Sunco solar is the best in providing LUMINOUS SOLAR Products. Sunco  solar is the best Solar dealers in Kerala | Kannur.

Installation of On-grid powerplants included the safety solutions for solar panels with Proper lightning arrester and earthing for DC and AC Sides

Solar dealers in Kerala | 2023

Off Grid Solar System –  Solar System for Home 

A solar system is a setup that generates power by using the solar energy system. A regular nearby planet group comprises of sun powered chargers (which retain daylight), inverter (which changes over DC into AC), mounting structure (that hold the boards set up), batteries (to store the additional power created), lattice box and equilibrium of frameworks (wires, nuts and so forth.). A nearby planet group comes in different sizes like 1 kWh, 2 kWh 3kW, 5kW, 7.5 kW, and 10kW.