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Solar dealers in Kannur | Kerala | 2024 – Generate clean energy with Solar Panels using natural daylight and store it for future use with battery storage.


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About SunCo, your trusted Solar dealers in Kannur

SunCo Solar dealers in Kannur, your trusted source for solar power solutions! We are dedicated to providing  high-quality solar panels, solar battery, water heater and top-notch installation services, ensuring that  harness the full potential of clean and sustainable solar energy.


Are you searching for reliable solar energy companies in Kannur? Look no further! Sunco Solar Dealers has been serving the local community for years, offering state-of-the-art solar power solutions. Our expert team of professionals is committed to delivering the best solar panel installation and products, making us one of the best solar panel companies in Kannur

We take pride in being one of the fastest-growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy and safety solutions in North Kerala. Our expertise spans the design, construction, and commissioning of ENPHASE Micro inverters and  Luminous  Grid-tied solar energy systems. These systems cater to a diverse customer base, ranging from commercial enterprises to residential homes.

In addition to our solar offerings, we are proud to provide top-quality stainless steel Solar Water Heaters from SUNCO India. 

Solar Dealers In Kannur | Kerala

Why Choose Sunco Solar Dealers?

Solar Mission

Our solar mission is deeply rooted in the belief that we can drive meaningful change by embracing solar energy. We’re not just in the business of installing solar panels; we’re on a mission to make the world a better, more sustainable place. Our solar mission revolves around three core principles, embodied by solar dealers in Kannur.

Solar Power Expertise

Our team is well-versed in the latest solar technologies and industry. We provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make the most informed decisions for your home or business

Top Solar Panel Companies

 As one of the top solar panel companies in Kannur, we offer a range of solar panels ,solar battery from leading manufacturers. ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Solar Panel Installation Excellence

Our solar panel installation services streamline the journey from site assessment to system connection, harnessing solar power for your home or business.


Solar Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive solar maintenance services and responsive customer support keep your system running smoothly.

Experience the best solar dealers in Kannur.

Enhance Your Space with Solar: Micro Inverter, Subsidy, and Financing Available

Experience the future of solar with SunCo’s Enphase Micro Inverter Technology and unlock the benefits of solar subsidy. Discover the best Solar Dealers in Kannur and explore our loan facilities for an eco-friendly, affordable energy transition today!

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Your Trusted Provider of Enphase Microinverters in Kannur

Sunco Solar provides Enphase microinverters in Kannur. These microinverters are an efficient and reliable solution for converting the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. By working with Sunco Solar, customers in Kannur can benefit from the advantages of Enphase microinverters, including increased efficiency, enhanced monitoring capabilities, scalability, safety features, and durability. Whether for residential or commercial solar energy systems, Sunco Solar offers quality Enphase microinverters to meet the needs of customers in Kannur and ensure optimal performance and reliability of their solar installations. Read More

Increased Efficiency

By converting DC to AC at the panel level, microinverters can optimize power output, especially in situations where panels may be shaded or experiencing different levels of sunlight

Enhanced Monitoring

Enphase microinverters often come with monitoring systems that allow users to track the performance of each individual panel in real-time. This makes it easier to identify and address issues quickly, maximizing overall system efficiency.


Microinverters offer greater flexibility in system design and expansion. Additional panels can be added to the system without worrying about compatibility issues or the impact of shading on other panels.


Enphase microinverters are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, with many models offering warranties of up to 25 years.

Reliable Power Solutions: Luminous Products Available from Sunco Solar in Kannur

Sunco Solar offers Luminous inverters in Kannur. Luminous inverters are reliable devices that convert DC electricity into AC, providing backup power during outages or in areas with limited access to the main electrical grid. Sunco Solar provides Luminous inverters to homes, offices, and other establishments in Kannur, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind during emergencies or fluctuations in the main power source.

Solar dealers in Kerala |2023

Luminous inverters are capable of providing uninterrupted power supply to connected appliances and devices during power cuts or outages.

They can efficiently charge batteries connected to the inverter, ensuring a constant power supply for extended periods.

Luminous inverters often come with built-in voltage regulation mechanisms to stabilize the output voltage, protecting connected devices from damage due to voltage fluctuations.

These inverters are equipped with overload protection features to safeguard against excessive power consumption or short circuits, ensuring the safety of both the inverter and connected devices.

Product we offer

we take pride in offering a diverse range of solar products designed to harness the abundant power of the sun. Our catalog includes high-quality solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, and solar mounting systems.

Energy Savings

Reduce your energy bills significantly and enjoy long-term savings with solar power

Environmental Impact

Make a positive environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint with solar energy

Energy Independence

Solar energy provides independence and reliability, ensuring power during outages and reducing dependence on the grid

Long-term Planning

Solar energy systems are designed to be low maintenance, with little required to keep the system functioning optimally.

Sustainable & Affordable Energy!

Benefits of Solar Solutions

Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, decrease your carbon footprint, or simply invest in a cleaner and greener future, Sunco Solar Dealers in Kannur is here to help. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other solar energy companies in the region. Don’t miss out on the benefits of solar power – get in touch with us today and start your journey towards a more sustainable future.

Harness the power of the sun with Sunco Solar Dealers – your trusted partner for all your solar energy needs. Join the solar revolution today!

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Common Questions About Solar Energy and Our Services

Explore the most frequently asked questions about solar energy and how our solar services can meet your sustainable energy needs. Get answers to key inquiries regarding installation, costs, and benefits.

Solar panel installation can significantly reduce your electricity bills, increase the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint. It provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective source of energy.

Discover the cost-saving advantages of solar panels, including reduced energy bills, potential tax credits, and return on investment.

Contact Sunco Solar Dealers in Kannur to Discover Available Subsidies, Tax Credits, and Incentives That Can Enhance Your Solar Investment

Yes, in Kannur, you can sell excess energy back to the grid through net metering. Your solar dealer can assist you in setting up a net metering system.

The cost of a solar solution varies depending on the system’s size, location, and specific requirements. Generally, it includes the cost of solar panels, inverters, installation, permits, and potential maintenance.